Cathedral Music, Volume 3 (William Boyce)

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General information

Published London 1773 on subscription.

Editor: William Boyce

Size: 40cm high × 30cm wide.

Pages: 312 with additional end papers.



Opening inscription.

This is similar to that shown in Cathedral Music, Volume 1 (William Boyce), save for the volume number and publication date.





When I first undertook this Work, I had not sufficiently considered the length of time necessary to complete it, which occasioned my proposing to deliver the Volumes much sooner than it was possible for me to effect: However, I hope it will appear by the execution that this has been the single instance in which I have not fully performed my engagement.

It may easily be discerned in the perusal of this collection, that the pieces which were composed between the Reformation and Restauration are in a more grave style than those written since; a gravity in Church Music having been particularly ordered by Authority in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, with intent to distinguish it from every other Species, calculated for secular purposes; but on the return of King Charles the Second from his long exile in Foreign Countries, where a lighter kind of Church Music prevailed, and which better suited the gay disposition of that Monarch and his Court, the Musicians of his Chapel found it their interest to deviate in some measure from their former plan, by adding a variety and liveliness, especially in their Anthems, which had not been customary before: Yet, notwithstanding this alteration of Style, they still preserved a solemnity and learning in their Compositions which have rendered them lasting monuments of ingenuity and expression.

Nor have the more early writers been wanting in expression, although it is not so particularly marked, for their music being generally full, and composed of many parts, they seem to have aimed at giving each of these an equal degree of sweetness, as may be conjectured from the elegance and purity of the several melodies; and, it must be confessed, that their skill in the joining and intermixing them in the formation of harmony, are indubitable testimonies of their indefatiguable application, and eminent abilities. The anthems of TALLIS, TYE, BIRD, and GIBBONS, with the Morning Service of FARRANT, &c, abound with admirable examples of this kind of art and expression.

HAD I not been under a restriction by the last Will and Testament of the late Dr. MAURICE GREENE, I should have inserted some valuable pieces of his, particularly his Service, a very learned and judicious composition, and highly deserving of preservation: There are also Three ancient Services by NATHANIEL PATRICK, ADRIAN BATTEN, and ALBERTUS BRIAN, with Two by the late Mr. CHARLES KING, Almoner, and Vicar Choral of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, the one in the key of Ffaut, the other in B flat, which I would willingly have found room for, could it have been done without omitting what appeared to me to claim the preference.

I AM truly sensible how much I owe to the goodness of Providence in granting me health and perseverance to labour through this very difficult, and tedious business, and it will be a most grateful reflection to me hereafter, that I have been enabled to do justice to these excelent productions of my Countrymen, by conveying them to Posterity in a more respectful and accurate manner than hath yet been experienced in any other musical publication whatever.

I CANNOT finally quit this undertaking without acknowledging my obligations to those members of our Choirs who have kindly assisted me with copies to forward it, and in particular to my worthy Friends the Rev. Mr. WILLIAM GOSTLING, of Canterbury Cathedral, Mr. JAMES KENT, Organist of the Cathedral and College at Winchetter, Dr. WILLIAM HAYES, Music Professor in the University of Oxford, and Dr. SAMUEL HOWARD, of London, they all having been materially usefu; in the progress of the work, more especially the last-mentioned, who by his friendly zeal and assistance left nothing undone in his power, to lessen my trouble in it, and to render the task easy and agreeable to me.



Subscriber list



Includes biographies of the following composers:

John Bull
William Turner


Contents list


Music engraving

Page Composer Work Voicing
1 William Byrd Te Deum in D minor SAATTB
9 William Byrd Benedictus in D minor SAATTB
16 William Byrd Kyrie in D minor SSAATTB
17 William Byrd Nicene Creed in D minor SSAATTB
25 William Byrd Magnificat in D minor SAATTB
30 William Byrd Nunc Dimittis in D minor SAATTB
33 William Child Te Deum in D SATB
43 William Child Jubilate Deo in D SATB
48 William Child Kyrie in D SATB
49 William Child Nicene Creed in D SAATB
56 William Child Magnificat in D SATB
64 William Child Nunc Dimittis in D SATB
69 John Blow Te Deum in E minor SSAATTBB
79 John Blow Jubilate Deo in E minor SSAATTBB
83 John Blow Kyrie in E minor SSAATTBB
84 John Blow Nicene Creed in E minor SSAATTBB
91 John Blow Cantate Domino in E minor SSAATTBB
98 John Blow Deus Misereatur in E minor SSAATTBB
104 Henry Purcell Te Deum in B flat SSAATTBB
114 Henry Purcell Benedictus in B flat SSAATTBB
120 Henry Purcell Kyrie in B flat SSAATTBB
121 Henry Purcell Nicene Creed in B flat SSAATTBB
128 Henry Purcell Magnificat in B flat SSAATTBB
133 Henry Purcell Nunc Dimittis in B flat SSAATTBB
136 Henry Purcell Benedicite omnia opera in B flat SSAATTBB
148 Henry Purcell Jubilate Deo in B flat SSAATTBB
152 Henry Purcell Cantate Domino in B flat SSAATTBB
159 Henry Purcell Deus Misereatur in B flat SSAATTBB
165 John Bull O Lord, my God SSAATB
173 Pelham Humfrey Thou art my king, O God ATTB(SATB)
180 Pelham Humfrey Like as the hart SATB
186 Pelham Humfrey Hear, O heavens ATB(SATB)
191 Pelham Humfrey Rejoice in the Lord alway ATTB(SATB)
196 Pelham Humfrey Haste thee, O God ATTB(SATB)
203 Michael Wise The ways of Zion do mourn SB(SATB)
208 Michael Wise Thy beauty, O Israel TTB(SATB)
215 Michael Wise Awake my glory SAB(SATB)
218 Michael Wise Blessed is he that considereth the poor SSA(SATB)
223 John Blow O Lord, I have sinned SATB
230 John Blow O sing unto God ATB(SATB)
239 John Blow O Lord, thou hast searched me out BB(SATB)
245 John Blow I beheld, and lo a great multitude ATBB(SAATTBB)
257 William Turner Lord, thou hast been our refuge ATB(SATB)
263 Henry Purcell Behold, I bring you glad tidings ATB(SATB)
269 Henry Purcell They that go down to the sea in ships AB(SATB)
275 Henry Purcell Thy word is a lantern ATB(SATB)
281 Henry Purcell O give thanks unto the Lord SATB
292 Jeremiah Clarke I will love thee, O Lord TB(SATB)
299 William Child Sanctus in G SATB
299 Orlando Gibbons Sanctus in F SATB
300 Benjamin Rogers Sanctus in D SATB
300 Robert Creighton Sanctus in E flat SATB