Cathedral Music, Volume 2 (William Boyce)

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General information

Published London 1768 on subscription.

Editor: William Boyce

Size: 40cm high × 30cm wide.

Pages: 306 with additional end papers.

Comment: Boyce was often very creative in his editing of the older works included in this collection, in effect adapting his sources to mid-18th Century taste. This is perhaps most obvious in Aldrich's "Out of the deep", where part of the original source (in the Christ Church Library) has been put online. He also usually included his own figured bass or (in the case of verse anthems) reduced the instrumental accompaniment to keyboard.



Opening inscription.

This is similar to that shown in Cathedral Music, Volume 1 (William Boyce), save for the volume number and publication date.




Subscriber list



Includes biographies of the following composers:

Christopher Tye
William Byrd
William Lawes
Adrian Batten
Matthew Locke
Pelham Humfrey
Michael Wise
Robert Creighton
Henry Purcell
John Goldwin
Jeremiah Clarke
William Croft
John Weldon


Contents list


Music engraving

Page Composer Work Voicing Comments
1 Henry VIII O Lord, the Maker of all Things SATB actually by William Mundy
5 Thomas Tallis I call and cry to thee, O Lord SAATB
10 Christopher Tye I will exalt thee SATB
14 Christopher Tye Sing unto the Lord SATB
19 Richard Farrant Call to remembrance SATB
22 Richard Farrant Hide not thou thy face SATB
24 William Byrd O Lord, turn thy wrath away SATTB adapted from Byrd's motet Ne irascaris domine
29 William Byrd Bow thine ear, O Lord SATTB adapted from Byrd's motet Civitas sancti tui
34 William Byrd Sing joyfully SSAATB
41 Orlando Gibbons Hosanna to the Son of David SSAATB
48 Orlando Gibbons Lift up your heads SSAATB
56 Orlando Gibbons Almighty and everlasting God SATB
59 Orlando Gibbons O clap your hands SSAATTBB
65 Orlando Gibbons God is gone up. Second Part SSAATTBB
75 Adrian Batten Hear my prayer, O God SAATB
80 Adrian Batten O praise the Lord SATB
82 Adrian Batten Deliver us, O Lord our God SATB
84 William Child Praise the Lord, O my soul SATB
87 William Child O Lord, grant the king SATB
90 William Child Sing we merrily SSAATBB
102 Benjamin Rogers Behold now, praise the Lord SATB
105 Benjamin Rogers Teach me, O Lord SATB
108 John Blow God is our hope and strength SSAATTBB
117 John Blow O God, wherefore art thou absent SSATB
122 John Blow Save me O God SATB
126 John Blow The Lord hear thee SATB
130 John Blow My God, my God, look upon me SATB
135 Henry Aldrich Out of the deep SATB Transcribed from the original source, not from Boyce's arrangement
140 Henry Aldrich O give Thanks SSAATB
145 Robert Creighton I will arise SATB
148 Henry Purcell O God, thou art my God SATB
154 Henry Purcell O God, thou hast cast us out SSAATB
163 Henry Purcell O Lord God of Hosts SSAATTBB
173 John Goldwin I have set God alway before me SATB
179 Jeremiah Clarke Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem SATB
183 William Croft God is gone up with a merry noise SATB
193 William Croft Put me not to rebuke SATB
202 John Weldon In thee, O Lord SATB
209 John Weldon Hear my crying O God SSATB
219 William Lawes The Lord is my light SATB
226 Matthew Locke Lord, let me know my end SSATB
235 Pelham Humfrey Have Mercy upon me ATB (SATB)
242 Pelham Humfrey O Lord my God ATB (SATB)
248 John Blow I was in the spirit ATBB (SATB)
258 Michael Wise Prepare ye the way of the Lord SSAB (SATB)
263 Michael Wise Awake, put on thy strength ATB (SATB)
270 Henry Purcell Thy Way, O God AB (SATB)
276 Henry Purcell Be merciful ATB (SATB)
285 Jeremiah Clarke How long wilt thou forget me? SATB
289 William Croft O praise the Lord, all ye heathen S (SATB)
294 William Croft Give the king thy judgments SATBB (SATBB)