Cathedral Music, Volume 1 (William Boyce)

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General information

Published London 1760 on subscription.

Editor: William Boyce

Size: 40cm high × 30cm wide.

Pages: 301 with additional end papers.



Opening inscription.

Cathedral Music:
a collection in score
of the
Most Valuable and Useful Compositions
For that Service,
by the
Several English Masters
of the last Two Hundred Years.
The Whole Selected and Carefully Revis'd
By Dr. William Boyce,
Organist and Composer to the Royal Chapels, and
Master of his Majesty's Band of Musicians.
Volume the First.
Printed for the Editor.




Subscriber list



Includes biographies of the following composers:

Thomas Tallis
Richard Farrant
Thomas Morley
Elway Bevin
Orlando Gibbons
William Child
Benjamin Rogers
John Blow
Henry Aldrich


Contents list


Music engraving

Page Composer Work Voicing
1 Thomas Tallis Preces SATB
2 Thomas Tallis Chant for the Psalms SATB
3 Thomas Tallis Te Deum SATB
10 Thomas Tallis Benedictus in C SATB
15 Thomas Tallis Chant for the Creed of St. Athanasius SATB
16 Thomas Tallis Responses SAATB
19 Thomas Tallis Litany SAATB
27 Thomas Tallis Kyrie in C SATB
27 Thomas Tallis Gospel acclamations SATB
28 Thomas Tallis Nicene Creed SATB
33 Thomas Tallis Sanctus SATB
34 Thomas Tallis Gloria in Excelsis SATB
37 Thomas Tallis Magnificat SATB
41 Thomas Tallis Nunc Dimittis SATB
43 Thomas Morley Burial Service SATB
53 Richard Farrant Te Deum in G minor SATB
63 Richard Farrant Benedictus in G minor SATB
70 Richard Farrant Kyrie in G minor SATB
71 Richard Farrant Nicene Creed in G minor SATB
77 Richard Farrant Magnificat in G minor SATB
82 Richard Farrant Nunc Dimittis in G minor SATB
85 Elway Bevin Te Deum in D minor SAATTB
93 Elway Bevin Benedictus in D minor SAATTB
99 Elway Bevin Kyrie in D minor SATB
100 Elway Bevin Nicene Creed in D minor SATB
107 Elway Bevin Magnificat in D minor SAATB
112 Elway Bevin Nunc Dimittis in D minor SAATB
115 Orlando Gibbons Te Deum in F SATB
123 Orlando Gibbons Benedictus in F SATB
129 Orlando Gibbons Kyrie in F SATB
130 Orlando Gibbons Nicene Creed in F SATB
137 Orlando Gibbons Magnificat in F SATB
142 Orlando Gibbons Nunc Dimittis in F SATB
145 William Child Te Deum in E minor SATB (SSAATTBB)
152 William Child Jubilate Deo in E minor SATB (SSAATTBB)
155 William Child Kyrie in E minor SATB
156 William Child Nicene Creed in E minor SATB (SSAATTBB)
162 William Child Magnificat in E minor SATB (SSAATTBB)
167 William Child Nunc Dimittis in E minor SATB (SSAATTBB)
170 Benjamin Rogers Te Deum in D SATB
177 Benjamin Rogers Jubilate Deo in D SATB
181 Benjamin Rogers Kyrie in D SATB
182 Benjamin Rogers Nicene Creed in D SATB
187 Benjamin Rogers Magnificat in D SATB
192 Benjamin Rogers Nunc Dimittis in D SATB
194 John Blow Te Deum in A SATB (SSAATTBB)
202 John Blow Jubilate Deo in A SATB (SSAATTBB)
207 John Blow Kyrie in A SATB
208 John Blow Nicene Creed in A SATB (SSAATTBB)
215 John Blow Cantate Domino in A SATB(SSAATTBB)
223 John Blow Deus Misereatur in A SATB (SSAATTBB)
228 Henry Aldrich Te Deum in G SATB
235 Henry Aldrich Jubilate Deo in G SATB
238 Henry Aldrich Kyrie in G SATB
239 Henry Aldrich Nicene Creed in G SATB
244 Henry Aldrich Magnificat in G SATB
249 Henry Aldrich Nunc Dimittis in G SATB
252 John Blow Te Deum in G SATB
260 John Blow Jubilate in G SATB
264 John Blow Kyrie in G SATB
266 John Blow Nicene Creed in G SATB
273 John Blow Magnificat in G SATB
279 John Blow Nunc Dimittis in G SATB
282 John Blow Kyrie in G (triple measure) SATB
283 John Blow Nicene Creed in G (triple measure) SATB (SSAATTBB)
289 John Blow Chants SATB