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To me the criterion for whether a composer is South Netherlandish or Franco-Flemish is not clear... Shouldn't these categories be united ?? --Wursten 07:06, 30 December 2005 (PST)

I agree, and I would hope that we defer to the Wikipedia designations where they are present, as these are overseen by Antandrus an Administrator at Wikipedia, a Ph.D. in Music, and an expert on early music whose opinion I respect greatly. In particular, all of the composers in the South Netherlandish except for Obrecht are listed at Wikipedia as being Franco-Flemish. Obrecht is listed as Dutch. I think we should merge the other composers with Franco-Flemish and Obrect with Dutch. ChuckGiffen 14:40 CST, 30 December 2005

Obrecht is also Franco-Flemish... (born in Flanders: Ghent!). checked in Wikipedia... twice listed. the term 'Dutch composers' - myself being Dutch, living in Flanders - should be reserved to the composers who lived or live in the Northern Part of the Netherlands (Vredeman de Vries, Sweelinck etc..), now called 'The Netherlands'. All (!) polyphonic composers in 15-16th C, who have links with the Netherlands are from the Southern parts .. so Franco-Flemish. So let's merge ! --Wursten 13:18, 30 December 2005 (PST)

Well, I had originally thought Obrecht was Franco-Flemish ... I know that's the impression I had when I was singing and recording with Zephyrus. It seems as if first impression was correct! -- ChuckGiffen 16:17 CST, 30 December 2005