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Observed June 29. The 1970 books provide for a Vigil Mass the preceding evening.

Proper Liber usualis Vigil Mass (Gregorian Missal 1990)
Introit: Nunc scio vere DIcit Dominus Petro
Gradual: Constitues eos (Gradual) In omnem terram (LU assigns this to St. Luke (Oct. 18))
Alleluia verse: Tu es Petrus (Alleluia) Tu es Petrus
Offertory: Constitues eos (Offertory) Mihi autem (LU assigns this to St. Andrew (Nov. 30))
Communion: Tu es Petrus Simon Joannis

Some of these chants are shared with other feasts: the Confession of Peter (Jan. 18), the Conversion of Paul (Jan 25), Saint Paul's Shipwreck (Feb. 10), the Chair of St. Peter (Feb. 22 ,but observed Jan. 18 in Tridentine Rite), St. Peter in Chains (Aug. 1, in Eastern Church Jan. 16), St. Paul (June 30), the Dedication of the basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul (Nov 18).

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