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![[Alleluia|Alleluia verse]]:
![[Alleluia|Alleluia verse]]:
|''Caro mea vero''
|''Caro mea vere''

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The feast of Corpus Christi or The Body and Blood of Christ is traditionally celebrated on the Thursday after The Most Holy Trinity, but in Catholic (and many Anglican) churches of the United States it is invariably transferred to the following Sunday, displacing Sunday within the Octave of Corpus Christi.

Proper Liber usualis Gregorian Missal (1990)
Introit: Cibavit eos
Gradual: Oculi omnium
Alleluia verse: Caro mea vere
Sequence: Lauda Sion optionally shortened to Ecce panis
Offertory: Sacerdotes Domini Portas caeli
Communion: Quotiescumque manducabitis
Qui manducat (AB) or Hoc corpus (year C)

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