Cantiones selectissimae liber secundus (Sigmund Salminger)

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General information

Title: Cantiones selectissimae liber secundus

Editor – Compiler: Sigmund Salminger

Composer: Jacobus Clemens non Papa and Pieter Maessens

Subgenre: Motets Language: Latin, 4 voices.

Publication date and place: 1549 in Augsburg by Philipp Ulhard.
Description: A collection of eleven four-voice motets by Clemens non Papa, preceded by two canons by Pieter Maessens. This volume is the sequel to Cantiones selectissimae liber primus (1548).



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List of works

1. Salve suprema trinitas (Pieter Maessens)
2. Discessu dat (Pieter Maessens)
3. Si mors dissoluit curas (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
4. Conserva me Domine (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
5. Domine Deus exercituum (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
6. Angelus domini (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
7. Vox in Rama (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
8. Caligaverunt oculi mei (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
9. Gaudent in coelis (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
10. Rex autem David (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
11. Impulsus eversus sum (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
12. Inclita stirps Jesse virgam (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
13. Vide Domine quoniam tribulor (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer No. Subgenre Voices
Angelus domini 1549 Jacobus Clemens non Papa 6 Motets SATTB
Rex autem David 1549 Jacobus Clemens non Papa 10 Motets STTB
Vide Domine quoniam tribulor 1549 Jacobus Clemens non Papa 13 Motets SATB
Vox in Rama 1549 Jacobus Clemens non Papa 7 Motets SATB