Cantiones Triginta Selectissimae (Clemens Stephani)

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Title: Cantiones Triginta Selectissimae: Quinqve, Sex, Septem, Octo, Duodecim et plurium vocum.
Editor: Clemens Stephani

Publication date and place: 1568 by Ulrici Neubert in Norinbergae (Nürnburg).

Format: Published in four partbooks – Discantus, Altus, Tenor, Bassus – with various ways of obtaining more than four parts, eg. typically by some sort of canon(s).

Table of contents

No. Composer Title Vv Notes
1. Walther, JohannJohann Walther Beati immaculati in via 7
2. Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl Laudate dominum omnes gentes 6 5th & 6th voices: both canons at a fifth and ninth above the Bassus
3. Eckel, MatthiasMatthias Eckel Cantabo Domino qui bona tribuit mihi 5 4th voice: canon at a perfect fourth above the Bassus
4. Von Bruck, ArnoldArnold von Bruck In civitate domini ibi sonant 5
5. Ducis, BenedictusBenedictus Ducis Quam pulchra es 6 3rd voice: canon at a perfect fourth below the Discantus; 5th voice: canon at an octave below the Discantus
6. Layolle, Francesco deFrancesco de Layolle Ave virgo sanctissima 5
7. Gombert, NicolasNicolas Gombert O Iesu Christe miserere nobis 8 5th–8th voices: canons at a fifth below 1st–4th voices
8. Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich Completi sunt dies Mariae 5 3rd voice in canon at a fifth above the Tenor
9. AnonymousAnonymous Tristis est anima mea 5 5th voice in canon at a perfect fifth below the Tenor
10. Josquin de Prés, Josquin de Prés Qui habitat in adiutorio 24
11. AnonymousAnonymous Elegit Dominus virum 5
12. Bonmarché, Jean deJean de Bonmarché Constitues eos principes 8 1st to 4th voices a canon each at a fifth above 5th to 8th voices.
13. Cadéac, PierrePierre Cadéac? Regi saeculorum invisibili 12 Triple canon at the unison
14. AnonymousAnonymous O pater omnipotens 5
15. Isaac, HeinrichHeinrich Isaac Recordare Iesu Christe 5
16. AnonymousAnonymous Festina ne tardaveris 5
17. Brätel, UlrichUlrich Brätel Ex æquo vivant, sit Pax 5
18. Ducis, BenedictusBenedictus Ducis Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata 8 5th–8th voices: retrograde canons of 1st–4th voices
19. Walther, JohannJohann Walther In tribus spiritus meus 5
20. Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich Laudate Dominum omnes gentes 7 2nd voice: canon at an octave above the Tenor; 6th voice: canon at a fifth below the Tenor;
4th voice: canon at a fourth above the Tenor
21. Stahel, JohannJohann Stahel Nun lasst uns den Leib begraben (In pace) 5 3rd voice: canon at a fourth above the Tenor
22. Walther, JohannJohann Walther Bonum est homini 5
23. Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl Quomodo fiet istud 5
24. Alder, CosmasCosmas Alder Te lucis ante terminum 5 5th voice: canon at a fifth above the Tenor
25. Blanckenmüller, GeorgGeorg Blanckenmüller Christe qui lux es et dies 5 3rd voice: canon at a fifth above the Tenor
26. Josquin de Prés, Josquin de Prés Ave verum corpus 5 5th voice: canon at a fifth above the Tenor
27. AnonymousAnonymous Ascendo ad patrem meum 5
28. Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl Ne reminiscaris domine 5
29. Kugelmann, JohannJohann Kugelmann Nun lob mein seel den Herren 8
30a. Paminger, LeonhardLeonhard Paminger O profunditatem divitia 16
30b. AnonymousAnonymous? or Ockeghem Deo gratias [sic in source] 36

Works at CPDL

Title Year No. Composer Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Agnus Dei 1540 18 Benedictus Appenzeller Sacred Mass fragments 8 ATBB.ATBB
Ave Virgo Sanctissima c.1530 6 Francesco de Layolle Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Ave verum corpus, a 5 1545 26 Josquin des Prez Sacred Motets 5 AATTB, SATTB
Beati immaculati in via 1568 1 Johann Walter Sacred Motets 7 SATTTTB
Cantabo Domino qui bona tribuit mihi 1537 3 Matthias Eckel Sacred Motets 5 ATTBB,STTTB
Christe qui lux es et dies 1545 25 Georg Blanckenmüller Sacred Motets 5 SATBB, ATTBB
Completi sunt dies Mariae 1545 8 Sixt Dietrich Sacred Motets 5 SAATB,ATTBB
Constitues eos principes 1568 12 Jean de Bonmarché Sacred Motets 8 SATT.STTB,SATT.ATTB,SATT.ATBB
Deo gratias (36 part canon) 1542 30b Johannes Ockeghem Sacred Canons 36 SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB
Ex aequo vivant 1545 17 Ulrich Braetel Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Festina, ne tardaveris 1568 16 Anonymous Sacred Motets 5 SSATB
In civitate Domini 1538 4 Arnold von Bruck Sacred Antiphons 5 SSAAB,SAAAB,SATTB
In pace in id ipsum dormiam/Nun last uns 1568 21 Johann Stahel Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Laudate Dominum 1539 2 Ludwig Senfl Sacred Motets 6 SSATTB
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes 1568 20 Sixt Dietrich Sacred Motets 7 SSAATTB,SATTBBB
Ne reminiscaris Domine 1542 28 Ludwig Senfl Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
O Iesu Christe, Fili Mariae, miserere nobis 1568 7 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets 8 SSAT.ATTB
O Pater omnipotens 1568 14 Josquin des Prez Sacred Motets 5 SAATB
Quam pulchra es 1545 5 Benedictus Ducis Sacred Motets 6 SAATTB
Qui habitat a 24 1542 10 Josquin des Prez Sacred Canons 24 SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB.SATB
Te lucis ante terminum 1568 24 Cosmas Alder Sacred Motets 5 AATBB
Tristis est anima mea 1568 9 Anonymous Sacred Motets 5 SATBB,ATTBB