Benedicite Dominum omnes electi eius

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General information

The text is a combination of adapted quotations from Tobit 10, psalm 148 and psalm 149.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1 Benedicite Dominum omnes electi eius.
Agite dies lætitiae et confitemini illi.
2 Hymnus omnibus sanctis eius, filiis Israel,
populo appropinquanti sibi.
Gloria hæc est omnibus sanctis eius.

German.png German translation

1 Lobet den Herrn, all ihr von ihm Auserwählten,
haltet Freudentage und bekennt euch zu ihm!
2 Ein Loblied für all seine Heiligen,
die Kinder Israels, das Volk, das ihm nahe ist.
Das ist die Pracht all seiner Heiligen.

Translation by Gerhard Weydt
English.png English translation

1 Bless the Lord, all his elect,
keep days of joy and acknowledge him.
2 A hymn to all his saints, to the children of Israel,
to the people near to him.
This is the glory of all his saints.

Translation by Gerhard Weydt

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