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Born: 1315

Died: c. 1373


Antonio Beccari was a mid-fourteenth-century Ferrarese poet. His works were largely unknown until their publication in a systematic edition in 1967. In his review of that work, Antonio Vicari described Beccari and his poetry as follows:

"Beccari emerges from virtual oblivion as the coryphaeus [leader] of the courtly poets of the Trecento, a strange, restless but sympathetic personality. He was a wanderer, a gamester who led a Bohemian life and kept correspondence with many writers, including Boccaccio and Petrarch. . . . His poetry is a mixture of popular and learned elements, the latter borrowed especially from Dante and Petrarch, expressed in a language that is substantively literary Tuscan . . . . "

View the Italian Wikipedia article on Antonio Beccari. (English translation by Google)

Settings of text by Antonio Beccari


  • Beccari, Antonio, 1972. Le rime di maestro Antonio da Ferrara (Antonio Beccari). Edited by Laura Bellucci. Bologna: Riccardo Pàtron.

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