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Born: 2 February 1780, Shenandoah County, Virginia

Died: 21 October 1857, Rockingham County, Virginia

Ananias Davisson was a printer, composer, and compiler of books of psalm-tunes and hymn-tunes, who lived most of his life in Rockingham County, northwest Virginia. He compiled four tunebooks, all in four-shape format, including Kentucky Harmony and Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony. He was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church.

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List of choral works

Arrangements by Ananias Davisson

Arrangements of Davisson compositions by others


2. First Lines

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  • Davisson, Ananias, Compiler. 1816. Kentucky Harmony. Harrisonburg, Virginia: Author. 140 pp. Second Edition 1817, 150 pp.; Third Edition 1819, 154 pp.; Fifth Edition 1826, 160 pp.
  • Davisson, Ananias, Compiler. 1820. Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony. Harrisonburg, Virginia: Author. 103 pp. Second Edition, 1822, 128 pp.; Third Edition, 1825, 152 pp.


  • Music, David W. 1983. Ananias Davisson, Robert Boyd, Reubin Monday, John Martin, and Archibald Rhea in East Tennessee, 1816-26. American Music 1(3):72-84.
  • Music, David W., Editor. 2005. A Selection of Shape-Note Folk Hymns From Southern United States Tune Books, 1816-61. Middleton, Wisconsin: A-R Editions. 91 pp.
  • Steel, David Warren, and Richard H. Hulan. 2010. The Makers of the Sacred Harp. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press. 322 pp.

List of compositions and arrangements attributed to Ananias Davission

HTI* Title Date† Publication Meter Key Arr.+ Comments
14758a Condescending 1813 Wyeth's Repository, Part 2 C. M. C In Wyeth as Adoration with different words; Condescension in later editions
14773b Glasgow 1813 L. M. F Arr. Wyeth (14773a) attrib. to Dare; G 1813-16-18, F 1817-19-20
14780b Mount Calvary 1813 C.M.D. a 14780a (Messiah) unattr. In Wyeth
14785 Reflection 1813 C. M. B Unattr. (New Canaan in C) in Wyeth
14594 Tribulation 1813 Patterson's Church Music C. M. d Arr. By Amzi Chapin. Patterson with different words
4077b Zion's Hill 1816 Kentucky Harmony S. M. F Arr. 4077a is by Abraham Wood, 1778 (Worcester).
15425 Idumea 1816 S. M. a For another arrangement, see Idumea (William Hauser).
15431a Tender Thought 1816 L. M. a
15647 Leperous Jew 1817 Kentucky harmony, Ed. 2 S. M. a
15650 Solemnity 1817 L. M. a
15651 Solitude in the Grove 1817 C. M. D. e
7888b Garland 1817 Kentucky Harmony, Ed. 3 L. M. e Arr. By Amos Pilsbury 1799 (Kedron)
15646 Golden Hill 1817 S. M. G Arr. Very like 4077b = Zion's Hill
11467 Immensity 1817 L. M. a Arr. By Eliakim Doolittle. 1805
17109 Devotion 1820 Supplement to Kentucky Harmony L. M. C Arr. By Alexander Johnson, 1818
17110 Changing Seasons 1820 11 11.11 11 e
17112 Solemnity 1820 577.79 F Crucifixion in later editions
17113 Davisson's Retirement 1820 L. M. f
17115 Emerald Gates 1820 B Arranged by William Hauser, 1848, as Elysian.
17011 Imandra 1820 11 11.11 11 a
17131 New Hope 1820 S. M. F
11053b Redemption 1820 11 11.11 11 A Arr. 11053a is Redemption Hymn in Ingalls 1805
17137 The Rose Tree 1820 78.78. D. A
17138 Staunton 1820 C. M. D. e
Haywood 1822 Supplement to Kentucky Harmony, Ed. 2 77. 77. F
Overton 1825 Supplement to Kentucky Harmony, Ed. 3 88.88.88 B


 *. The Hymn Tune Index. †. Date of Davisson's composition or arrangement. +. Arrangements by Davisson of works of others.

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