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Born: 9 February 1744, Enfield, Connecticut

Died: 23 August 1825, Hartford, Connecticut

Biography Amos Bull was a composer and singing-school master in Connecticut from 1766, and during the war years in New York City. He proposed a psalm-tune book in 1766, but it was never published. In 1782, he moved back to Connecticut, and published his first book, The Responsary in 1795. It contains many of his own psalm-tunes and twelve new anthems, mostly scored for Treble-Treble-Tenor-Bass.
Bull's use of the treble to carry the melody, varied textures in the choir, and dramatic imagery in his anthems, sets him apart from most American composers of his day.

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List of choral works


1. Psalm-tunes

2. Anthems


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