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{{Mergeto|Adoramus te, Christe I (Giacomo Antonio Perti)}}
[[Giacomo Antonio Perti]] set the text [[Adoramus te, Christe]] several times:
==Music files==
*[[Adoramus te, Christe I (Giacomo Antonio Perti)|I (e phrygien)]] SATB
*[[Adoramus te, Christe II (Giacomo Antonio Perti)|II (a minor)]] SATB
*{{PostedDate|2019-01-14}} {{CPDLno|52907}} [[Media:Adoramus_te_perti.pdf|{{pdf}}]] [[Media:Adoramus_te_perti.mid|{{mid}}]] [[Media:Adoramus_te_perti.mp3|{{mp3}}]] [[Media:Adoramus_te_perti.mxl|{{XML}}]]
*[[Adoramus te, Christe III (Giacomo Antonio Perti)|III (C major)]] SATB
{{Editor|Gabriel Sung|2019-01-14}}{{ScoreInfo|A4|4|591}}{{Copy|CPDL}}
:'''Edition notes:'''
==General Information==
{{Title|''Adoramus te''}}
{{Composer|Giacomo Antonio Perti}}
{{Instruments|A cappella}}
{{Pub|1|1859 or before}}
'''External websites:'''
==Original text and translations==
{{LinkText|Adoramus te, Christe}}
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[[Category:Baroque music]]

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