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Born: 6 April 1943


Wytze Oostenbrug (1943) studied physics in Groningen. During his student days the need arose to make music himself, based on the piano lessons he had received in his youth. He experimented with composing, immersed himself in ear training and harmony and became a member of Toonkunstkoor Bekker in Groningen. After moving to Delft in 1976, he soon joined the Cantarella Zang- en Oratoriumkoor and took piano and harmony lessons. He also studied violin for several years, together with his two children. In 1992 he became a member of Filharmonisch Koor Toonkunst in Rotterdam. He takes singing lessons. From 2001 to 2010 he was conductor of the Delft chamber choir Via Cantare. During that period he attended the Kurt Thomas course for choral conducting in Utrecht several times. The need for a broader theoretical basis was met by attending the Schumann Academy. He successfully completed this in July 2012. This training was the immediate reason to start working with composition once again. The first result of this is the Alma Redemptoris Mater. Since then several works have been completed; most of them for choir.

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