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Aliases: Tans'ur, William


Born: 1700

Died: 07 October 1783


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List of choral works

Tansur published 43 anthems and 197 Hymn tunes besides canticles, Anglican chants and cannons.

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  • A Compleat Melody, or The Harmony of Sion (1735; 2/1735; 3/1736, with The Melody of the Heart (2/1736), as The Works of Mr William Tans’ur; 4/1738; 5/1743)
  • The Melody of the Heart (1735; 2/1736, with A Compleat Melody (3/1736), as The Works of Mr William Tans’ur; 3/1751)
  • Heaven on Earth, or The Beauty of Holiness (1738)
  • Sacred Mirth, or The Pious Soul’s Daily Delight (1739)
  • The Royal Psalmodist Compleat (a/Rugby, 1742; b/n.p., 1743; c/n.p., c1744; d/n.p., 1745; e/n.p., 1748; f/n.p., c1750; g/n.p., c1752; 2/n.p., 1753)
  • The Royal Melody Compleat, or The New Harmony of Zion (1755); 2/1760; 3/1766; rev. D. Bayley, Boston, 3/1767, Newburyport, MA, 4/1768, and as part of The American Harmony, Newburyport, MA, 5/1769; 6/1771; 7/1771; 8/1774)
  • The Psalm-Singer’s Jewel, or Useful Companion to the Singing-Psalms (1761; 2/1766 as The Psalmist’s Jewel)
  • Melodia sacra, or The Devout Psalmist’s New Musical Companion (n.p., 1768; 2/1772)

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