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Born: 2 December 1976


Wietse Stuurman Born on 2 December 1976, Wietse Stuurman studied music since he was 8 years old with several teachers, resulting studying composition and conducting. In 1996 he began his study music science at the Amsterdam University with special interest in ancient music. This interest in ancient music can be recognized in his compositions, strong melodic lines with an almost gregorian character supported by bourdon tones as being used in this style of new spiritual music. As well as being influenced by the old masters like Josquin, Dufay, Ockeghem and Obrecht, he also gets inspired by contemporary composers like Arvo Part, Giya Kanchelli and Henryk Gorecki. In May 2004 Stuurman conducted the first performance of his Requiem Opus 12 at the Oosterkerk (Hoorn, The Netherlands). This was the first of a series taking place in May every year. In 2005 there was the first performance of his Missa Pronuncionem and in May 2006 Stuurman conducted the premiere of his Stabat Mater (performed by chamber choir Djem, Stedebroeck). In 1999 Wietse got in contact with dutch composer Henk Nieland (* 1938). At this time Nieland was composing an opera named In Touch wich should be performed in Bratislawa (Slovenska Republica) in 2000. In the summer of 2000 Nieland worked together with Stuurman on the orchestral parts of the work. They finished it in august 2000 in Budapest (Hungary). During another project, Stuurman performed the Requiem from the Hungarian composer Frygyes Hidas with the 'corus symphonic band orchestra' at the Zaantheatre (Zaandam, The Netherlands) in presence of the composer himself. Besides having written a large number of vocal works, Stuurman wrote music for solo piano, small orchestra (or as he prefers to call it; orchestra unica), grand orchestra and even works for piano and double bass. Next to composing, Stuurman is a well experienced conductor for choir as well as orchestra. Every day he is working with one of the 8 ensembles he leads, varying from chamber choir to brass orchestra. At the end of 2005 Stuurman formed a small vocal group named; the Lapis Ensemble. This to perform his own compositions on a professional level.

List of choral works

Choral works not indexed on CPDL

  • Apocalypse
  • Ave Maria
  • Ave vera virginitas
  • Domine, salvam fac reginam nostram
  • Laudate Dominum
  • Missa Brevis
  • Missa Pronuncionem
  • Missa Sequentiae
  • Pater Noster
  • Requiem, Op. 12
  • Stabat mater

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