Why droops my soul with grief oppressed

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'Why droops my soul with grief oppressed' is a hymn by Elizabeth Scott, first published in The Christian's Magazine (edited by William DoddLink to the English Wikipedia article) in December 1763. It was later included as Hymn 279 in A New and Large Collection of Psalms and Hymns, compiled by John Deacon, a General Baptist minister in LeicesterLink to the English Wikipedia article.

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English.png English text

1  Why droops my soul with grief oppress'd?
Whence these wild tumults in my breast?
Is there no balm to heal my wound,
No kind physician to be found?

2  Raise to the cross thy tearful eyes;
Behold, the Prince of Glory dies!
He dies, extended on the tree,
Thence sheds a sov'reign balm for me.

3  Dear Saviour, at thy feet I lie,
Here to receive a cure, or die:
But grace forbids that painful fear,
Infinite grace, which triumphs here!

4  Thou wilt extract the poison'd dart,
Bind up and heal the wounded heart;
With blooming health my face adorn,
And change the gloomy night to morn.

5  Now give a loose, my soul, to joy,
Hosannas be thy blest employ;
Salvation thy eternal theme,
And swell the song with Jesu's name.

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