When Laura smiles

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1  When Laura smiles her sight revives both night and day.
The earth and heaven view with delight her wanton play.
And her speech with everflowing music doth repair
The cruel wounds of sorrow and untam'd despair.
2  The dainty sprites that still remain in fleeting air
Affect for pastime to untwine her tressèd hair.
And the birds think sweet Aurora, morning's queen, doth shine
From her bright sphere when Laura shews her looks divine.


3  Diana's eyes are not adorn'd with greater power
Than Laura's when she lists awhile for sport to lower.
But when she her eyes encloseth, blindness doth appear
The chiefest grace of beauty, sweetly seated there.
4  Love hath no fire but what he steals from her bright eyes.
Time hath no power, but that which in her pleasure lies.
For she, with her divine beauties, all the world subdues,
And fills with heav'nly spirits my humble muse.

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