Vulnerasti cor meum

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General information

Source of text is Song of Solomon 4:9-10a, 8a

Settings by composers

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

4:9  Vulnerasti cor meum, soror mea, sponsa: vulnerasti cor meum
in uno oculorum tuorum et in uno crine colli tui.
4:10  Quam pulchrae sunt mammae tuae soror mea sponsa[filia carissima],
pulchriora sunt ubera tua vino et odor unguentorum tuorum
super omnia aromata.
4:8a  Veni de Libano sponsa, veni de Libano: veni coronaberis.

German.png German translation

Translation by Peter Rottländer
4:9  Du hast mein Herz verwundet, teuerstes Mädchen, mit einem Blick deiner Augen und mit einem Haar in deinem Nacken.

Dutch.png Dutch translation

Je hebt mijn hart getroffen, mijn zusje, mijn bruid;
je hebt mijn hart getroffen met één blik van je ogen
en met één haarlok om je hals.
Wat mooi zijn je borsten,
mijn zusje, mijn bruid.
Je borsten zijn heerlijker dan wijn
en de geur van je parfums
is lekkerder dan alle geurstoffen.

Translation by Anton Hendriks, Ben Terstegge & Hanneke Pot

English.png English translation

4:9  Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse: thou hast ravished my heart
with one of thine eyes, with one hair of thy neck.
4:10  How beautiful are thy breasts, my sister, my spouse[dearest daughter]!
Thy breasts are more beautiful than wine, and the sweet smell of thy ointments
above all aromatical spices.
4:8a  Come from Libanus, my spouse, come from Libanus, come: thou shalt be crowned.
(Douay-Rheims Bible)

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