Vincenzo de Grandis

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Born: 1577 in Montalbòddo (nowadays Ostra, in the province of Ancona)

Died: 18 May 1646 in Montalbòddo

Biography Composer, singer and priest (ordained in Rome 1599 or 1600). From August 1604 to the end of the same year he was master of the chapel in S. Spirito in Sassia; in 1607 to the Holy Trinity of the pilgrims. On October 29, 1605, he was admitted as a contralto in the pontifical chapel, by order of Pope Paul V; in 1624 he was elected maestro di cappella, and the following year he was reconfirmed in this position at the wish of Pope Urban VIII. In addition to the usual service as a Sistine cantor he took part in the functions in various Roman churches: he sang, for example, in S. Luigi dei Francesi on 25 August, 1614 and 1615, while he was an organist in S. Martinello in 1616. The records of the Sistine Cappel also note several absences to visit his home town. From 1630 until his death he seems to have resided entirely in Montalbòddo. (Based on article by Bianca Maria Antolini in: Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani - Volume 36 (1988).   ( [1] )

List of choral works


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  • Psalmi ad vesperas liber primus (Rome: Soldi, 1604)
  • Sacrae cantiones liber primus (Rome: Soldi, 1621)


  • DE GRANDIS, Vincenzo di Bianca Maria Antolini - Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani - Volume 36 (1988)

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