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Hi Tom, and welcome to CPDL!
I saw that you're interested in creating more links between Wikipedia and CPDL, that's great! When adding new composer pages here, what I have done is to check if the link generated by {{WikipediaLink}} points to a valid page at Wikipedia, be it directly or via a redirect. If a redirect is required, I create it at Wikipedia. Likewise, when adding {{ChoralWiki}} to a Wikipedia page, I check if it points to a valid page here at CPDL and if not, I create a redirect also (when it's a variant of a composer name) or correct the link at Wikipedia (when it points to a works page here). In specific situations in which you prefer not to use the templates for creating links, you may use the interwikis [[choralwiki:page|displayedtext]] (at Wikipedias in any language) and [[wikipedia:article|displayedtext]] (here). Hope this helps! Best regards, —Carlos Email.gif 18:37, 18 May 2009 (UTC) depend

CPDL file format validation project

Hello--I noticed that you're an active Wikipedia volunteer, and I was wondering if you are famiiliar with the actual wiki software, installation, etc. CPDL has a volunteer who wants to help set up file format validation for scores, but would like help from someone familiar with how best to work file type validation into the mediawiki structure (while the validation is specific to music scores for CPDL, the structure of the project applies more generally to PDF and could be applied to other file format types in other mediawiki settings). Is this something you might have knowledge about, or be able to refer us to a MediaWiki volunteer or developer? Appreciate any help or pointers you can provide. -- Vaarky 18:49, 23 August 2009 (UTC)


Hi Tom, congratulations for having finished this first stage of your CPDL-Wikipedia interlinking project! Thank you for your diligent work. Best wishes, —Carlos Email.gif 23:01, 27 October 2009 (UTC)

Thank you, it's nice to hear that. Although I've added almost all valid links where possible, there a few pages that probably require further changes. These are:
  1. Jessie Irvine, Jessie S. Irvine: two articles about the same composer,
  2. Konjovic: his first name Petar could be supplied in agreement with the corresponding article wikipedia:Petar Konjović,
  3. Josef Mohr, Joseph Mohr: two articles about the same composer,
  4. F. H. Hodges: this can be found in the wikipedia:List of female composers by birth year#1800 (dates agree) and NGDMM as Faustina Hasse Hodges,
  5. W. V. Wallace: his full name is on Wikipedia: wikipedia:William Vincent Wallace.
Finally, what is the policy here regarding middle names? If the middle name is known, should it be in the article title? I've found a few such cases where I could supply the middle name. Regards, --Tomaxer 13:53, 30 October 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for pointing out these problems, they were all corrected. Concerning the use of the middle name, as far as I know there isn't an established policy. It's included in some names and not in others, following the most traditional form. For instance, googling I found 278 unique instances of "Faustina Hasse Hodges", 48 of "Faustina H. Hodges", 121 of "Faustina Hodges" and 235 of "F. H. Hodges", so I chose the first option. When in doubt, we should try to stick to the Wikipedia form (but not always: I've just corrected the wikipedia spelling for Joseph Mohr's article). Regards, —Carlos Email.gif 19:57, 30 October 2009 (UTC)

Wikipedia links (non-english)

Thanks for all of your work on Wikipedia linking! I was checking out some non-English Wikipedias and adding some ChoralWiki links on sites with the ChoralWiki template. I also made a spreadsheet with info about links to CPDL and other sites on different wikipedia's (viewable on Google Docs):

Thanks again! Admin 20:18, 4 November 2009 (UTC)

Thank you for your recognition of my work. Regarding the spreadsheet you made, it gives a nice and useful overview of the current interlinking state. It looks like a significant deal of work to add links to those Wikipedias (if this is what you meant). Probably the best would be to do it using a bot, but although I don't have suitable scripting knowledge, in my opinion, it could be somewhat tricky to do it this way (i.e. put the links at the correct place). So probably a good way, although laborious one, would be to do it manually... I am not sure if I've answered your question from Wikipedia, so if you have some more, feel free to ask. Best regards, --Tomaxer 01:53, 6 November 2009 (UTC)
Basically, thanks. The trick is that every Wiki has different guidelines, so the links on the Dutch site are rejected as spam, while the French/German/Spanish Wikipedias welcome the external links. Wiki cross links make it easy to bounce from page to page in various languages. I wish I could create a Japanese or Chinese CPDL page and Choralwiki template ;).