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Hi Liam, a belated welcome to CPDL! Thank you for making public your edition of Purcell's Beati omnes. I noticed that you've uploaded a new version of the score, this time in Letter format. Has anything else changed, or just that? If you only changed paper size, it might be interesting to keep both versions so that users may choose the one most convenient for them. Here's a tip: to update a score with a newer version, you only need to upload the new score with exactly the same filename as the old one. Doing this will overwrite the old version; nothing else is required, the new version will be automatically available in place of the other (you won't need to run the Add work form again, either). Best, —Carlos Email.gif 04:13, 5 June 2014 (UTC)

Hi Carlos, thank you for the welcome and message! It's actually both very helpful and a bit embarrassing because I didn't actually mean for it to be in a different format--that must have just been my error in picking the size settings on the Add work form. Is there a way I could change how it's described? Sorry about my ignorance of such matters! The actual reasons I changed the file were two rather small ones: first, that I realised I had forgotten a few syllables in one measure, and second, that I realised that the piece really should have a key signature of two flats rather than one. I initially transcribed it with a one-flat signature on the mistaken assumption that the (two-flat) edition I was working from had changed it in the interests of modernisation (which they in fact did with such of the time signatures), but it seems I was wrong about that, so I didn't want to be deceiving anyone. Great to know about how to make such minor edits without going through the form again! Thanks again, -Liam

Hi again Liam, now I was able to notice the change in the key signature; I wouldn't have caught it if you hadn't mentioned it. :) Regarding the difference in paper size, you have probably changed the settings when you were generating the new pdf file, but Letter is also fine, don't worry. I'll make some minor corrections to the page in order to reflect the changes made. Regards, —Carlos Email.gif 15:02, 5 June 2014 (UTC)