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Dove Rose Windsor (born 8 November 1999) is a British online editor, blogger, and internet personality. She is best known for her content creations for the online encyclopedia ChoralWiki. As of 31 December 2019, Windsor does not focus on editing existing articles but instead, she has decided to just create and edit new ones.

Works with editions by this editor: 0 (see list)

As of December 2019, Windsor has amassed over 75 contributions to ChoralWiki. She joined ChoralWiki on 29 December 2019.

Biography and personal life

Windsor grew up in Leicestershire, England. She first went to Ravenhurst Primary School in 2004 until 2010. She then went to a private school in 2011 called Gryphon School. In September 2017, Windsor moved to Leicester College. In September 2018, Windsor went to an education center, opposite of Leicester's crown court called Soft Touch Arts.

In the summer of August 2016, Windsor went to NCS (national citizen service) for four weeks to improve her CV. The first week she went on a camping trip. In the second week, Windsor went to De-Montfort University to do a range of activities like doing a Master Chef challenge, first-aid challenge, etc.. In the third and final fourth week, Windsor did a charity course. In November 2016, Windsor was awarded a certificate, signed by Teresa May on an awards night. Windsor did a Duke Of Edinburgh expedition course at Gryphon School in February 2017. She was awarded a bronze award at the end of March 2017.

Windsor loves to make her own music in her spare time when she is not busy editing ChoralWiki. She is a big fan of horse racing.


Notable works for ChoralWiki