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General information

Country of origin: United States

Contributor since: 2019-07-13

Works with editions by this editor: 22 (see list)

Contact Information

email: maia.mcc At sign.png


Maia is a singer and choral conductor based in New York City, where she conducts the New York Chamber Choir. She holds a B.A. in music from Williams College, and has studied choral conducting at Williams under Bradley Wells and at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under Jos Vermunt. Her first love is Renaissance choral music, but she enthusiastically sings and conducts all sorts of repertoire, as long as it's not by Eric Whitacre.

Maia makes her living as a programmer; in her spare time, she calls contradances and writes crossword puzzles.

About My Editions

I am a choir director, and quite picky about my scores, so I engrave most public domain works myself. Things you can expect from my editions:

  • rehearsal marks
  • often breath marks, and often editorial dynamics (please take my dynamic markings in particular with a grain of salt; I can happily make you a version of any of my editions sans dynamics on request)
  • often texts + translations
  • for Renaissance pieces, original note values wherever possible
  • an odd number of pages wherever possible (to minimize page turns for performers)
  • beaming for rhythm, not syllabification (i.e. I use beams to show beat divisions, and use slurs to show syllabification)