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General Information

Country of origin: USA

Contributor since: 2014-01-08

Works with editions by this editor: 4 (see list)


The editions published under my name follow the historically informed performance practice editions, phrasing and other textual underlay used in actual performances by my professional choir. Byrd's music is presented in simple, easy to read scores created by study of autographs when available, and other published or freely obtainable sources of other major editions.


Text underlay follows sources when available, and follows modern "good taste" being historically informed, and view all other works by the same composer as a guide.


As notes above, all sources will have been examined and collated where available. A "best consensus" establishes the editorial decisions based on the composers body of works.


Editions of liturgical works will likely differ from currently published material (especially that of Watkins Shaw) as the completely editorial responses created to follow the 1662 Book of Common Prayer have and will be omitted.

Thomas Tomkins

Tomkins is often found at the end of a collection of sacred works. His works are equally as valid as those of Byrd, even if not as widely circulated. I have included information regarding the particular editions on a title page, where there is merit for such.