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General Information

Country of origin: Colombia

Contributor since: 2004-10-11

Number of scores on CPDL: 19

Works with editions by this editor: 10 (see list)

Contact Information




Fajardo Chavez, Javier (b. May 22, 1950, San Juan de Pasto). Colombian composer of mostly choral works that have been performed throughout the Americas; he is also active as a conductor.

Mr. Fajardo received his master's degree in piano at the Universidad de Antioquia and later specialized in music education at Convenio INTEM in Chile and at the OEA and the Universidad de Nariño in Colombia. While at the Universidad de Nariño, he studied various choral and vocal techniques with Detlef Scholz. He has attended numerous lectures, seminars and workshops pertaining to choral conducting in Colombia, as well as a course on contemporary piano music with Herbert Henck at the Goethe-Institut in Medellín.

As a pianist, he was active from the late 1970s to the late 1980s. Since then, he has been active mainly as a choral conductor and has founded and directed numerous successful choruses, including the most recent, Ars Musicae.

He taught as a professor of piano and solfège at the Conservatório Pedro Morales Pino in Ginebra-Valle in 1979-80 and then served as director of the School of Music at the Universidad de Nariño from 1981-98. He has taught as an associate professor in the music department of the Universidad de Nariño since 1998.


E-mail address: <A></A>

Street address: Mr. Javier Fajardo, Cra. 26, #11-28 (B. San Felipe), AA 981 Pasto, Nariño, Colombia

Telephone/fax: + 572 729 5414

COMPLETE LIST OF WORKS (dates unavailable for most works)

ORCHESTRAL: Divertimento con aire sureño nariñense, 2 clarinets, xylophone, small orchestra; Morasurco al Amanecer, small orchestra; Tres estructuras

CHAMBER MUSIC: Mi Nariño, string quartet, double bass, 2003; Tres estampas musicales colombianas, clarinet, piano, 2003; Bagatela, alto saxophone, piano; Brumas, ensemble; Díptico elegíaco, violin, piano; Intermezzo, alto saxophone, trumpet; Largo sostenuto y danza, trumpet, piano; Nocturno, clarinet, piano; Preludio, flute, guitar; Suite Colombiana No. 1, trumpet, piano; Suite Colombiana No. 2, trumpet, piano

CHORAL: Alegorías sobre un paisaje, a una historia y una raza, soloists, mixed chorus, small orchestra, 1986-87; The Cantos (text by Dan Albertson), mezzo-soprano, baritone, children's chorus, mixed chorus, piano, 2003-04; Achichay, 2 voices; Auca, mixed chorus; Canciones para voz solista (En aire nacional), mixed chorus; El Carnaval, mixed chorus; Chamones, mixed chorus; Los Chiguacos, 2 voices, ostinato; Condor, mixed chorus; El Cuco, mixed chorus, ostinato; Cuece blanco, mixed chorus; Curillo, mixed chorus; El Cuspe, mixed chorus; En mi tierra la del sur, 2 voices; Ensueño, soprano, tenor, baritone; Gavilán y Quililí, mixed chorus; El Hueso, mixed chorus; Huy! La Vieja, mixed chorus; Indio, 2 voices; In memoriam (text by Jairo O. Guerrero), countertenor, 2 tenors, baritone, bass; KarA.melo, mixed chorus; Laberintos, mixed chorus, ensemble; Misa corta ceremonial, mixed chorus; Mi tierra, countertenor, 2 tenors, baritone, bass; Mi Tumaco, mixed chorus; Montaña mía (text by Humberto Marquez), mixed chorus

CHORAL: Ñapanga, 2 voices; La Navidad, 2 voices; Oda a la paz, mixed chorus; On', mixed chorus; On'ta-rás, mixed chorus; Papá Dios, 2 voices; Pastusita corazón (text by Roberto Mora Benavides), mixed chorus; Petición (text by Humberto Marquez), countertenor, 2 tenors, baritone, bass; Pregón del Coro de la Universidad de Nariño, mixed chorus; Quodlibet (2 settings), mixed chorus; Raíz americana, 4 soloists, mixed chorus; Réquiem, mixed chorus, percussion; Ritmos &#150; Canción y Ritornelo (text by León de Greiff), alto, tenor, baritone; El Rrirre, 2 voices; Sapito, 2 voices; 7 Obra, mixed chorus, cello; Sopa de letras (text by Álvaro Zúñiga), mixed chorus, ensemble; Tambores, mixed chorus; La Tulpa, 2 voices; Tus manos, mixed chorus; Tus ojos, mixed chorus; El Vendaje vecino, mixed chorus; Voces al viento, mixed chorus

VOCAL: Cantata, mezzo-soprano, tenor, piano, 2004

PIANO: Evocación; Nocturno; Romanza; Siete Aforismos concertantes, piano 4 hands; Siete Bocetos; Vals Tatiana

ARRANGEMENTS: Agualongo (Luis Chato Guerrero), mixed chorus; La Banda navideña (Luis Pazos), mixed chorus; El Cachirí (Luis Chato Guerrero), mixed chorus; Chambú (Luis E. Nieto), mixed chorus; La Guaneña (anonymous), mixed chorus; Himno a Pasto, mixed chorus, piano; Himno de la Universidad de Nariño, mixed chorus, piano; Himno del Departamento de Nariño, mixed chorus, piano; Himno Nacional de Colombia, mixed chorus, piano; La Llorona (José Barros), mixed chorus; El Miranchurito (anonymous), mixed chorus

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