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About Me

I'm a baritone with a decently large range (F3-A5, Eb3-C6 on good days). My experience involved several choirs, some solo work, and a smattering of composition and choir direction. I'm also musically proficient in Gregorian Chant.

General information

Country of origin: United States of America

Contributor since: 2006-09-29

Works with editions by this editor: 2 (see list)

Contact information

e-mail: Message me here if you want my personal e-mail.


Music Theory 101, Northern Virginia Community College


I've lost count of how many choirs with which I've held the honor of singing. Currently, I'm a member of the Suspicious Cheese Lords and Collegium Cantorum. I am based in the Northern VA corridor just west of Washington, DC. I was the bass section leader of St. Veronica's parish in Chantilly, VA from 2009-2011.