Thomas Eisenhut

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Alias: Tobias Eisenhuet


Born: 23 May 1644

Died: 4 November 1702


Thomas EisenhutLink to the German Wikipedia article was a German composer, working initially at the monastery of St Georg, Augsburg, and later in the abbey of Kempten, near Mainz.

List of choral works

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  • Harmonia sacra (Kempten, 1674)
  • Antiphonarium Marianum (Kempten, 1677)
  • Hymni ariosi, Op. 3 (Kempten, 1680)
  • Sacri concentus, Op. 4 (Kempten, 1683)
  • Offertoria de festis, tempore & communi (Augsburg, 1694)

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