The Son of man they did betray

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General information

This is an hymn by John Granade, 1794. Meter is 88. 86. 88. 886.

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English.png English text

1. The Son of Man they did betray,
He was condemned and led away;
Think O my soul on that dread day!
Look to Mount Calvary.
Behold him lamb-like led along,
Surrounded by a wicked throng,
Accused by each lying tongue,
For thus the Lamb of God was hung
Upon the shameful tree.

2. Twas thus the glorious sufferer stood
With hands and feet nailed to the wood,
From every wound a stream of blood
Come flowing down amain!
His bitter groans all nature shook
And, at his voice, the rocks were broke,
The sleeping saints their graves forsook
While spiteful Jews around did mock
And treat him with disdain.


3. Now, hung between the earth and skies;
Behold, in agonies he dies!
O sinners hear his mournful cries,
And think how great his pain!
The morning sun withdraws his light,
Refusing to behold the sight;
The azure sky is robed in night,
All nature mourns and stands affright
While Christ the Lord is slain.

4. Ye men and angels hear the Son;
He cries for help – but O! there's none;
He treads the wine-press all alone,
His garments stained with blood:
In lamentations hear him cry
"Eloi lama sabacthani;”
In death he closed his languid eyes
But soon did mount the upper skies,
The conquering Son of God.


5. The Jews and Romans in a band,
With hearts like steel did round him stand
And, mocking, said “Come save the land—
Come try thyself to save:”
A soldier pierced him when he died,
And healing streams ran from his side;
My dearest Lord was crucified,
And Justice now is satisfied
Mourners, for you and me.

6. Behold him now enthroned in state,
He fills the mediatorial seat,
While millions, bowing at his feet,
With loud Hosannas tell,
Though he endured exquisite pains,
He led the monster death in chains;
Ye seraphs raise your loudest strains,
With music fill bright Salem's plains
He's conquered death and hell.


7. Tis done – the dreadful debt is paid,
The great atonement now is made;
Mourners on him your guilt was laid
For you he spilt his blood,
For you his tender soul did move,
For you he left the courts above;
That you the length and breadth might prove,
And height and depth of perfect love,
Through him the incarnate God.

8. All glory be to God on high,
Who lives and reigns above the sky,
Who sent his son to bleed and die,
Glory to him be given;
In heaven above his praise resounds,
O Zion sing! his grace abounds,
And we shall shout eternal rounds,
In flaming love that knows no bounds,
When swallowed up in heaven.

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