The Sacred Harp

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There are a number of books called The Sacred Harp. Following is a list of the nineteenth-century ones.

No. Year Title Compilers Editions Notes Comments
1 1832 The Sacred Harp, Containing Part First, A Clear Compendium John H. Hickok 1832 4-shape Mostly three-part
2 1835 The Sacred Harp, or Eclectic Harmony: Collection of Church Music Lowell Mason, Timothy B. Mason 1835ab, 1844ab Oval (1835b, 1844a), 4-shape (1835a, 1844b) Staffs are Tenor-Alto-Soprano-Bass, Melody in Soprano
3 1844 The Sacred Harp, a Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, Odes, and Anthems Benjamin F. White, Elisha J. King 1844, 1850, 1860 4-shape Some four-part (Treble-Alto-Tenor-Bass), some three-part (Tr.-T.-B.), melody in Tenor