The Oxford Book of English Madrigals

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General information

Title: The Oxford Book of English Madrigals
Editors / Compilers: Philip Ledger

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford, England (webpage for purchase)

Price: £15.95 (paperback)

ISBN-10: 0-19-343664-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-343664-0

Voicing of works: SATB and divisi thereupon

Publication date and place: 1978 9 November by Oxford University Press in Oxford, England.
Description: This book presents 60 of the very best madrigals for SATB, chosen from the many hundreds of possible candidates. The major composers of the genre are each represented by several madrigals and the lesser figures by one or more.


Tip: Titles in the left column which appear in blue are hyperlinks to the score page on CPDL - click on them for free editions.

Title Composer
1 All creatures now John Bennett
2 Adieu, sweet Amaryllis John Wilbye
3 Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers Thomas Tomkins
4 Ah, dear heart Orlando Gibbons
5 April is in my mistress' face Thomas Morley
6 As Vesta was Thomas Weelkes
7 Come away, sweet love Thomas Greaves
8 Come, gentle swains Michael Cavendish
9 Come, sable night John Ward
10 Construe my meaning Giles Farnaby
11 Come, sirrah Jack, ho! Thomas Weelkes
12 Dainty fine bird Orlando Gibbons
13 Draw on, sweet Night John Wilbye
14 Fair nymphs, I heard one telling John Farmer
15 Flora gave me fairest flowers John Wilbye
16 Fair Phyllis I saw John Farmer
17 Fyer, fyer! Thomas Morley
18 Hard by a crystal fountain Thomas Morley
19 Hark, all ye lovely saints Thomas Weelkes
20 Lady, when I behold John Wilbye
21 I love, alas, I love thee Thomas Morley
22 Leave, alas, this tormenting Thomas Morley
23 Lullaby, my sweet little baby William Byrd
24 Mother, I will have a husband Thomas Vautor
25 Music divine Thomas Tomkins
26 My bonny lass she smileth Thomas Morley
27 Now is the month of maying Thomas Morley
28 O Care, thou wilt despatch me Thomas Weelkes
29 Hence, Care, thou art too cruel Thomas Weelkes
30 Out from the vale John Ward
31 O what shall I do? John Wilbye
32 O yes! has any found a lad? Thomas Tomkins
33 O that the learned poets Orlando Gibbons
34 Poor is the life Michael East
35 Quick, quick, away, dispatch! Michael East
36 No haste but good Michael East
37 See, see the shepherds' queen Thomas Tomkins
38 Since Robin Hood Thomas Weelkes
39 See what a maze of error George Kirbye
40 Sing we and chant it Thomas Morley
41 Strike it up, Tabor Thomas Weelkes
42 Sing we at pleasure Thomas Weelkes
43 Sleep, fleshly birth Robert Ramsey
44 Sweet honey-sucking bees John Wilbye
45 Yet, sweet, take heed John Wilbye
46 Sweet suffolk owl Thomas Vautor
47 The silver swan Orlando Gibbons
48 This sweet and merry month of May William Byrd
49 Though Amaryllis dance William Byrd
50 Though Philomela lost her love Thomas Morley
51 Those sweet delightful lilies Thomas Bateson
52 Thule, the period of cosmography Thomas Weelkes
53 The Andalusian merchant Thomas Weelkes
54 Thus sings my dearest jewel Thomas Weelkes
55 Too much I once lamented Thomas Tomkins
56 Trust not too much, fair Youth Orlando Gibbons
57 Weep, O mine eyes John Bennet
58 Weep, weep, mine eyes John Wilbye
59 What is our life? Orlando Gibbons
60 Whither away so fast? Thomas Morley