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General information

Daniel Belknap's first book of music to be published was The Harmonist's Companion. The book was printed in BostonLink to the English Wikipedia article by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews. The title page bears a publication date of 'Oct. 1797' and describes Belknap as 'Teacher of Music, in FraminghamLink to the English Wikipedia article'.

Publication date and place: 1797 by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews in Boston.


'The design of the following Publication, is to furnish Schools and Musical Societies with a number of original Airs suited to Divine Worship; two pieces only, except those which are especially adapted to that important purpose, are therefore inserted.

A View of the Temple, a Masonic Ode, which appears in this Work, was set to musick by particular desire, and performed by the Author with several Brethren of the Fraternity, at the Installation of Middlesex Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, in Framingham, in 1795.

Books of this kind are commonly presented to the Public with a very concise Introduction; which may apologize for the omission here. Should the present Publication meet the approbation of a generous community, some further attempts of the kind, both to please and improve, may be expected from

their most obedient
and very humble Servant,

Framingham, Sept. 11, 1797.'

Works available at CPDL

Title Page Composer Lyricist First Line Subgenre Vo. Meter
An Anthem for Easter 26-28 Daniel Belknap Anonymous See from the dungeon of the dead Anthems 4
Angola 24 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Down from the top of earthly bliss 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Blue Hill 8 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Eternal power, whose high abode 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Clapboardtree Grove 19 Daniel Belknap Anonymous The gentle breeze which through the grove Set pieces 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Concord 6 Daniel Belknap Samuel Stennett Tis finished, so the Savior cried 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Hancock 25-26 Daniel Belknap Anonymous Hark from the skies! A dreadful sound Set pieces 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Holliston 9 Daniel Belknap Augustus Toplady Your harps, ye trembling saints 4 66. 86 (S.M.)
Hopkinton 23 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Lower Falls 22 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Now let our mournful songs record Set pieces 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Lynn 14b Daniel Belknap Philip Doddridge Loud to the Prince of heaven 4 66. 66. 88
Malden 18 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Sing to the Lord, ye heavenly hosts 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Newmark 16 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Throned on a cloud our God shall come 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Number Four 12 Daniel Belknap Anonymous Mankind must all return to dust Set pieces 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Ouse 20 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Let all the earth-born race 4 66. 66. 88
Pine-Hill 14a Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts In the full choir a broken string 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Raynham 13 Daniel Belknap Joseph Hart The spirits of the just 4 66. 86 (S.M.)
Ringe 31 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Jehovah reigns, his throne is high 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Rowley 17 Daniel Belknap How long wilt thou forget me, Lord? Set pieces 4 86. 86. D (C.M.D.)
Saybrook 3 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts There is a house not made with hands 7 86. 86 (C.M.)
Shoreham 15 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts There is a land of pure delight Set pieces 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Southborough 10 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts See where he languished on the cross 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Spring 4 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts He send his word, and melts the snow 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Summer 5 Daniel Belknap Anonymous How soon, alas! must summer's sweets decay 4 10 10. 10 10. 10 10
Syria 11 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts The spreading billows know their bound Set pieces 4 88. 88. 88
Whale Rock 7 Daniel Belknap Isaac Watts Death, 'tis a melancholy day Set pieces 4 86. 86 (C.M.)

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