The Columbian Harmony

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There are a number of publications that have similar names, beginning with "Columbian".

  • Sandford, E., and J. Rhea. 1793. Columbian harmony: containing, together with the necessary rules of music, a collection of psalm and hymn tunes. Baltimore, Maryland: Samuel and John Adams.
  • Stone, Joseph, and Abraham Wood. 1793. The Columbian Harmony, Containing the Rules of Psalmody; Together with a Collection of Sacred Music, Designed for the use of Worshiping Assemblies and Singing Societies. Massachusetts: Publisher and city not stated. 112 pp.
  • Read, Daniel. 1792-1810. The Columbian Harmonist. New Haven, Connecticut. From 1792 to 1794 as a periodical; book from 1794 to 1810.
  • Brown, Bartholomew. 1802. Columbian and European harmony: or, Bridgewater Collection of Sacred Music. Boston, Massachusetts: Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews. 160 pp.
  • Holyoke, Samuel, 1803. The Columbian Repository of Sacred Harmony. Exeter, New Hampshire: Henry Ranlet. 472 pp.
  • Robbins, Charles. 1805. The Columbian Harmony, or Maine Collection of Church Music. Exeter, New Hampshire: Henry Ranlet. 208 pp.
  • Shaw, Oliver. 1808. Columbian Sacred Harmonist. Dedham, Massachusetts. 126 pp.
  • Thomson, Samuel. 1810. The Columbian Harmony. Dedham, Massachusetts: H. Mann. 44 pp.
  • Key, Francis. 1814. The Columbian Harmonist, or, Songster's repository : being a selection of the most approved sentimental, patriotic, and other songs. New York, New York: Smith and Forman.
  • Flint, Timothy. 1816. The Columbian Harmonist : in two parts : to which is prefixed A dissertation upon the true taste in church music. Cincinnati, Ohio: Coleman and Phillips.
  • Moore, William. 1825. Columbian harmony: or a choice collection of psalm tunes, hymns, and anthems, selected from the most eminent authors in America. Cincinnati, Ohio: Morgan, Lodge, and Fisher. 200 pp.
  • Shaw, Benjamin. 1829. The Columbian harmony, or pilgrim's musical companion. Cincinnati, Ohio: Lodge, L'Hommedieu and Hammond.