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This template is to mark a score link as permanently broken. It outputs Broken.gif and places the page in Category:Permanently broken links. It should be placed directly before the score link in question, without any spaces in between.

For example: {{PermBroken}}[http://www.insuladulcamara.it/Partiture.htm {{net}}]

"Permanently" is used in this sense to mean external sites which are entirely inaccessible or sites which are still online but no longer host the score(s) in question. This template should only be applied if all of the following questions are answered "No":

  • Has the editor been contacted by email and replied in a reasonable period (eg. 1 month)?
  • Has the appropriate user page been checked for a link to a new website?
  • Has the Internet Archive been checked for an archive of the files? If the files are available, download, upload to the CPDL server and correct links.

If a score link is broken and there is a reasonable chance it will resurface or the file can be recovered, a different template should be used.

--Bobnotts talk 08:01, 5 March 2008 (PST)