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This template is intended for use on work pages, including pages for Larger works. For titles of Publication pages, use template PubTitle instead.

In these parameters, please do not use braces or pipe ( { } | ) in the text, but square brackets ( [ ] ) are permitted.


  1. Title – See Guidelines for title construction below. Please use normal (unitalicized) text; the template replaces italics with normal font.
large= <larger work> – The page name of another page that contains this page. If the page you specified exists, then it will be linked. If you want text to appear rather than the page name, then use the next parameter in addition. If this page is itself a larger work, leave this parameter blank or unspecified.
largetext= <text> – Some text you wish to appear instead of the page name specified in parameter large. This text will only appear if the page name specified in large exists.
alt= <text> – An alternate title, or a subtitle
comment= <text> – A comment on the title or link to a disambiguation page.

Guidelines for title construction

  • A title begins with the Base title; optionally it could include an Opus or Catalog number after a comma and a space. A corresponding page name is all this with an added space followed by the composer's full name in parenthesis.
  • A base title should be the title given to the work in the original publication, if possible.
  • In case the original title uses obsolete spelling or grammar, it may be corrected at the editor's discretion.
  • It is strongly suggested that editors avoid the use of special characters ( ), since these often interfere with CPDL programs for sorting and proper assignment to categories.