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Composer: [[ ]]

Date of request:

Status: Requested

Note: This template was superseded by Template:ScoreRequest from 2008 to 2014 but is again in use by the new Form system.

Basic syntax
{{Request|<title>|<composer given name(s)>|<composer surname>|<date requested>|<status(optional)>}}


  • <date-requested> has yyyy-mm-dd format
  • <status(optional)> is one of 'Requested' 'Pending' 'Completed' 'Copyright-restricted' 'Available at IMSLP' or it may be omitted and defaults to 'Requested'
Complete syntax

If |status=Completed, add the following entries:

{{Request|<title>|<composer given name(s)>|<composer surname>|<date requested>|Completed|
|requester      =
|requesternotes =
|volunteer      =
|volunteernotes =
|datecompleted  =
|scorepage      ={{PAGENAME}} or work title

where <requester>, <requesternotes>, <volunteer> and <volunteernotes> are all optional.