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This template is used to create the relevant code for a page for a new music publication.

First create a new page: enter its title in the Search box on any page and click on  Create the page "Pub. page title" on this wiki!

Please use these page titling suggestions:
  • As short as possible while being intelligible to users and distinguishable from other pages on CPDL.
  • Avoid programming symbols (such as | / \ < > * ^ $ @ & # ~ [ ] { } ¦ ). Allowable punctuation marks include periods (.), commas (,), colons (:), semicolons (;), question marks (?), exclamation marks (!), parentheses "( )", and the single apostrophe " ' " used within words. An ellipse ( ) could be used, but is discouraged – it is usually superfluous. Blank spaces are of course allowed.
  • Capitalize the title using conventions of the language in which it is written. In English if the title is the first line, capitalize only the first letter and any proper nouns, see Help:Style conventions.
  • The editor-composer-compiler's name will appear in parenthesis at the end of the title, separated by one blank space.

Then enter only one line on your new page:

{{subst:New publication}}

The page must be saved once the above code has been placed on it. Edit the page once again and the relevant code will be written out in full.

Add text and template parameters:

  1. Title: Short title, just like page title.
  2. Full title: Full title, as on publication's title page.
  3. Editor - Compiler - Composer: Choose one or more roles; format [[Editor]]
    or Editors - Compilers - Composers: Choose one or more roles; format [[Editor1]] and [[Editor2]]
  4. Publication date and place: Use either template {{PubDatePlace}} OR {{Volumes}}.
    1. If there is only one volume-edition-part, use {{PubDatePlace|<pubyear>|in <pubcity> by <publisher>|&nbsp;}} – If manuscript, replace parameter 3 by Manuscript. Pubyear could be prefixed, examples: "ca. 1620" "ante 1509"
    2. If there are several volumes-editions-parts, use {{Volumes}}. See that template for instructions.
  5. Known editions: (Optional)
  6. Description: Description of publication.
  7. Facsimile: (Optional. Give link to facsimile of publication, using format in "External links" section)
  8. References: (Optional. Show one or more references on following lines, leading each line with an asterisk)
  9. External links: Template or url in format *[url Description]. Or see {{IMSLP}}, {{IMSLP2}}, {{WikipediaLink}}, or {{W}} for more possible formats.
  10. List of works (Optional manually generated list)
  11. Works at CPDL (Optional automatically generated list) – {{MultiPubList}}. Remove parameters not wanted, rearrange as needed, no spaces!
    seq = Sequence no. in publication; pg = Page number(s) in publication; com = Composer; arr = Arranger; lyr = Lyricist; gen = Genre; subg = Subgenre; subg2 = Subgenre 2; yr = Year of (earliest) publication; lan = Language; first = First Line; instr = Instruments; met = Meter; vo = Number of voices; voices = Voices. All of these will show templates on each work page, for example, "lyr" will show the contents of the first parameter of the template {{Lyricist}}. Add the year from PubDatePlace, for "YYYY" (omit year if using template Volumes).

If more than one volume, edition, or part, see template {{Volumes}}.

The source code pasted on the page is located at /Preload

See also:

Inserted text

==General information== {{Title| }}

'''Full title:'''

'''Editor - Compiler - Composer:'''
'''Editors - Compilers - Composers:''' - CHOOSE ONE OF THESE LINES







==List of works==

==Works at CPDL==


[[Category:Music publications]]

{{DEFAULTSORT:{{WorkSorter|modified page name}}}}