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Displays a list of works by a composer that belong to a larger work. The composer's name is suppressed from each entry. The larger work belongs to the category Larger works.
Syntax examples:

  • {{LargeWork}} — Shows all larger works belonging to the composer on this page, in three columns
  • {{LargeWork|«Genre»|«Language»|«Link1»|cols=4}} — Shows «Genre» music in «Language» that link to the larger-work page «Link1», in four columns
  • {{LargeWork|Sacred|English|The Continental Harmony (William Billings)|cols=4}} — Shows sacred music that link to The Continental Harmony page, in four columns
  • {{LargeWork|gen=«Genre»|cat1=«Cat1»|link1=«Link1»}} — shows «Genre» music in the category «Cat1» that link to the larger-work page «Link1»
  • {{LargeWork}} – shows all large works composed by Oliver Holden.


  1. Genre
  2. Language
  3. Category1
  4. Category2
  5. Category3
  6. First page name to link
  7. Second page name to link
  8. Composer's name (defaults to current page)

If parameters are specified, they must be listed in the order above, except columns can be specified at any place in the command.