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This template creates a text Genre: with links to genre (options: "Sacred", "Secular", and "Dual" or "Both") and subgenre(s) categories (up to 3 subgenres), and categorizes the work page accordingly.

Normal usage
  • {{Genre|Sacred|Hymns}}
    ({{Genre|sacred|hymns}} will work too.)
Usage with a sort key
  • {{Genre|Sacred|Chorales|Carols|sort=La Rue, Pierre de}}

The optional |sort= parameter is only required for subgenres Masses, Requiems, Morning Canticles, Evening Canticles, Communion Services and Preces and Responses. A standard sort key in the form "Composer's last name, name(s)" is automatically provided by the system. All other genre categories will follow the sort key defined by the page's DEFAULTSORT, when one is set. For composer names that do not follow the standard sorting rule ("last name, name(s)"), a sorting key can be added individually to each works page (as in the example above), or better yet, the composer name can be included as an exception to the Exceptions list of template LastNameFirst.

Adding new subgenres

The categorization by subgenres is performed inside the Subgenre template. New subgenres can be added there according to the need.

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