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THIS TEMPLATE is intended for use with the {{EdNotes}} template, so that proper categorization of the Edition can occur. For example, use of {{Edc}} to categorize a voicing (rather that adding the Edition's voicing to the {{Voicing}} template) means the Voicing template will correctly reflect the original edition, while still including the page in the proper voicing category. Including all Editions in the {{Voicing}} template is possible for works with one or two editions, but becomes nearly impossible (and meaningless) for more complex pages.

THIS TEMPLATE is for experimental use. It does not yet check against accepted values for categories, so be careful. Currently editor must supply punctuation at end or beginning as needed.


{{Edc|<code for category>|<value>}}


1. One of seven codes:
  • arr – Displays "Arranged by <value>". Puts <value> in Category:<value> arrangements. Use a name in Category:Composers.
  • ins – Displays "in <value>". Puts <value> in Template:{{Instruments}} (Please don't use this yet - not developed)
  • lan – Displays "in <value>". Puts <value> in Category:Works in <value>.
  • lyr – Displays "lyrics by <value>". Puts <value> in Category:Works with <value> texts. Use a name in Category:Lyricists.
  • tex – Displays "see text at <value> page"
  • von – Displays "for <value> voices". Puts <value> in Category:<value>-part choral music. One integer number only, "1" through "26".
  • voi – Displays "for <value>". Puts <value> in Category:<value>. Use existing category values for voicing, listed at …… .
2. The value for the codes in parameter 1.