Te Joseph celebrent

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Latin.png Latin text

1. Te, Joseph, celebrent agmina caelitum
Te cuncti resonent christiadum chori
Qui clarus meritis junctus et inclytae
Casto foedere Virgini.

2. Almo cum tumidam germine conjugem
admirans dubio tangeris anxius,
afflatu superi flaminis angelus
conceptum puerum docet.

3. Tu natum Dominum stringis ad dexteras,
Aegipti profugum tu sequeris plagas:
amissum Solymis qaeris et invenis,
miscens gaudia fletibus.

4. Post mortem reliquos sors pia consecrat,
Palmanque emeritos gloria suscipit:
Tu vivens, superis par, frueris Deo
Mira sorte beatior.

5. Nobis Summa Trias parce precantibus:
da Joseph meritis sidera scandere,
ut tandem liceat nos tibi perpetim,
gratum promere canticum.

English.png English translation

1. Let the hosts of heaven celebrate you, Joseph,
Let all the choirs of Christendom resound you
who, famous for your merits,
was joined to the glorious Virgin in chaste wedlock.

2. When your betrothed became great with precious seed,
amazement and doubt made you anxious.
It is by the breath of the divine Spirit,
an Angel tells you, that the son has been conceived.

3. You did embrace the new-born Lord,
and to the furthest Egypt coasts you followed Him in exile,
Lost in Jerusalem, you sought and found Him,
mixing joy with tears.

4. After death most are blest by a loving destiny
and, when they have won the palm, they are welcomed into glory.
But you, while you lived, like the saints above, were with God,
blest more than others by this wondrous lot.

5. Spare us, highest Trinity, as we pray,
Grant that through Joseph's merits we may rise to heaven,
So that at last we may offer perpetually
our grateful songs.

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