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Errors in CPDL #9708

There are a couple of minor mistakes in this edition.

A very minor error: In bar 16-17, "hostemque" is one word, not "hostem que."

In bar 31, "perpetum" (three syllables) should be "perpetuum" (four syllables). This difference affects the text underlay. It should be one pitch followed by three, as in the other verse; in other words, "-tu" on the A and "-um" on the B C# B.

Also, the text underlay for "Amen" is questionable. Another edition I have has "A-" on the A B and "-men" on the A G A.

Is this the Ferial Tone? It looks like the Festal tone....

At least according to how the two tones are named in the Episcopal Hymnal 1982 (see the tune name index and hymns 44 and 45) it appears to me that this is festal version, not the ferial version.

the links to the pdf/midi file was incorrect - I have changed it so it is actually to ferial tone, as intended Youngmg 02:23, 6 November 2007 (PST)