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I`m very surprised that my edited "Antiphona ad Introitum in Dominica IV Adventus" from the reformed "Missale Romanum" of Paul VI is confused with so called "Advent prose" and considered as Refrain. The Tridentin "Missale Romanum" of Pius V has the same Antiphon of Introit, but includes also the first versus of Psalm 18,2 and "Gloria Patri", what is omited now in the new Missale of the Vatican II. How is possible to mixt this Antiphon with Advent prose if the liturgical use and melody is the same as before?? Andris Solims 15:58, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

Hi Andris, and thanks for the edition! Are we looking at different books or different pages? I see two distinct melodies (not counting the Latin O Heiland reiss!), and am not aware of this one ever being used with the introit verses, though I suppose it's not impossible. As you must have seen, there was some discussion already on Talk:Rorate caeli (introit) (Gregorian chant) as well as User_talk:Bobnotts/Archive_7#Rorate coeli. For comparison, here are the melodies of the first two words:
(prose): 1 23 3 6 5 (Liber usualis p. 1569)
(introit): 12 26b 6 6116 65 (LU p. 320)
Richard Mix 22:53, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

Salve! I would like to renew discussion about Liturgical use of "Rorate coeli". In Liber Usualis, edited in 1961, there is no any other Title or Subtitle "Advent prose". On the page 1868 we find this Antiphon as a Chant at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament "In Advent". From where is risen this Title "Advent prose", if in Catholic Church we never used this Title in Roman Liturgy? May be Anglican Church uses this Title, but not Catholic Church. I know that the official Introit for Advent IV has a different melody, as it is on the pages 353 and 1269 of LU. But I can attest that the Latvian Catholic Church uses till now this Antiphon (including: aperiatur terra et germinet Salvatorem) as the Introit of Advent IV Sunday, because of its easier melody. During my studies in Major Seminary of Riga the seminarists every day used this Antiphon as Introit in Masses of B.V.M. in Advent. It was well adapted and used in our Liturgy for many years just as traditional melody of Introit. In any case the Text of this Antiphon is the Liturgical Text of Introit for Advent IV. If there are several scores of "Rorate coeli" with polyphonic melody (and not Gregorian!) with or without Psalm 84,1 or 18,2 (or other) indicated as Introit of Advent IV, why this Antiphon is out of Advent IV??? I`m not agree with it! It must be included in Advent IV! I propose to put away this Subtitle "Advent prose" from my edited Gregorian chant of "Rorate coeli". Thanks for comprehension! Fr. Andris Solims 03:36, 21 November 2010 (UTC)

Hello! You're quite right about the title "Advent Prose" being used mainly by Anglicans. Since we're dealing with two Gregorian melodies I think it's important to avoid confusion, but if local custom assigns this melody as well as the LU's to Advent IV, I see no reason not to add that category. Richard Mix 09:36, 22 November 2010 (UTC)