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The only score on this page, Popule Meus, has not been indexed into CPDL correctly, it is just a link. Is this enough? Are the admins content with having a score hotlinked in this way or should the score be indexed so that it is "on" CPDL? I am favour of the latter. -- Bobnotts 04:08, 21 February 2007 (PST)

Again, the issue here seems to be what "on CPDL" means. It appears to me that this score is "on" CPDL in just the same way as a number of other external pages, except that the link does not conform to current standards. All of the information needed to do that is available, though, and when I get a bit more time next week, if no one has done it before, I'll try to remember to create a conforming link.