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Thanks for the compositions you've been adding to the site. I've added a link to a text page for O mistress mine.

A small point about capitalisation. Because of the way the site works, capital letters are sorted differently from lower case letters. Punctuation makes a difference too. The usual convention on the site is to capitalise the first letter of a page title, proper names, names or attributes of God, and to leave other words without initial capitalisation. There are grey areas: does one capitalise pronouns that refer to God, for example, but the guidance above should work in most cases.

Capitalisation is ignored when the search function is used, but punctuation isn't. I've taken the liberty of changing your page name from O, Mistress Mine to O mistress mine, therefore. If you type that into the search box, you will get both your edition and the Parry version, together with the text page, listed.

I hope that is helpful, rather than irritating!Jamesgibb (talk) 18:30, 11 April 2016 (UTC)