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I don't completely agree with the policy of linking the whole Psalm text rather than inserting a few verses here. I know the idea is that there should be possibly no (or few) duplicates. But when the text of the motet is only a couple (in this case two) verses of a whole psalm, I'm not sure it's worth removing the texts from here. All the more so, that in the present case Psalm 62 does not have the Douay-Rheims translation (which is the closest English translation to the original Latin - ie. the original text of the motet). The only English translation found at page Psalm 62 (Book of Common Prayer) - unlike the Vulgate version - doesn't number the title of the Psalm, so verses 8-9 of the Vulgate are in fact verses 7-8. It renders the end of verse 8 (verse 9 in Latin) as "God is our hope", whereas the Latin has "Deus adjutor noster in aeternum". Imruska (talk) 08:37, 22 July 2013 (UTC)