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Minor differences between editions, Musica Ficta

Differences emerged from comparison with an alternative edition and between the two CPDL editions:

Tenor, bar 43: the first note is B in #2070, while other editions show C (#4038 also shows C, if transposition is taken into account).
Soprano, bar 47 – 48: the last note of bar 47 is not tied to the first note of bar 48 in #2070, while a tie exists in other editions, including #4038.

Possible alternative “musica ficta” realization:

Soprano, bar 9: the sharp sign on the first note (G) may not be considered.
Soprano, bar 53: a sharp sign may be applied to the last note (G). In such a case, the flat sign should not be considered on the last note of tenor (B).

Comparison performed by Max a.k.a. Choralia 12:55, 26 August 2009 (UTC) . Choir training aids at the Choralia website incorporate the above corrections and alternative "musica ficta" realization.

Thanks Max for pointing out these errors. Now I have fixed them. 2012-09-01. Pothárn Imre