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According to the Brahms Sämtliche Werke, published by Breitkopf and Härtel, the following changes should be made to Martin Stolle's edition:

(NB: many of the articulation/dynamic markings may be editorial choices- I am simply listing all differences for the sake of completeness)

m. 24, Alto I - pitches are F#,G,F# (not F-naturals)

m. 41, Bass II - crescendo starts on beat 3, instead of beat 1

m. 42, Bass II - part has a crescendo over the entire measure

m. 51 - all parts have a messa di voce over the word "draussen"

m. 54, tenor - beat 3 is a B, yielding D-half-note, B-quarter, E-quarter

m. 61-63, men - where Stolle has accents, the Werke has messa di voce

m. 71, tenor - where Stolle has an accent, the Werke has a messa di voce

m. 71, soprano - beat 1 is a B, yielding B-half-note, D-quarter, E-quarter

m. 80, Alto II, tenor - both As (the word "auf") should be a quarter note

Ace214 18:47, 21 July 2010 (UTC)