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The composer of his Madrigal is Orlando di Lasso!!!

Actually, Gabrieli made his own arrangement of the work in his Il primo libro de madrigali a sei voci (1574). Lasso's piece is itself an arrangement of an anonymous setting in 3 voices (Einstein ascribes it to da Nola). It's worth noting that Gabrieli's publication predates Lasso's by 7 years, too (1574 vs 1581 for the Lasso print). Agarvin (talk) 22:08, 10 September 2013 (UTC)
The two pieces are very very similar (due, as Agarvin said, to the fact that they are both based on the same 3-voice piece, though it is also possible that one of the two composers re-arranged the arrangement of the other), but they are definitely distinct works. I'm working on a transcription of Gabrieli's version now, and will re-instate that page once it's finished. Wboyle (talk) 03:00, 26 October 2013 (UTC)
Belated update: finally got around to finishing the transcription. I've repopulated the Gabrieli page (removing the redirect), and moved Steven Guy's transcription to its proper location. See the link here. ~ Wboyle (talk) 23:21, 22 April 2014 (UTC)