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What punctuation?


I see that the texts and translations given for "Hallelujah" on this page mostly seems to have some sort of exclamation mark ("!") after them. While I realize that the word is typically used as an interjection, I'm not sure that this is always so, or that the exclamatory punctuation would be used in all languages. I wonder if it would be better simply to translate the word without the punctuation, so as to avoid confusion. What do others think?

I've also taken the liberty of adding the Hebrew text, since the word is, after all, of Hebrew origin (as far as we know?), as well as the Greek, Church Slavonic, Russian, and Ukrainian versions.

Edit: Oh, I also added the John Taverner Alleluya settings. And, for the interested, this page seems to give a pretty balanced account of the Alleluia.

I agree with Chuck that the exclamation mark is an editorial addition. OT: the Latin translation claims that alleluja is to be found in ancient manuscripts. Unless I leaf through those with my own hands, I'd be very surprised to find a 'j' in supposedly ancient Latin. I'm pretty sure the terms should be the other way 'round. joachim 15:19, 17 November 2008 (UTC)
BTW, I also feel the introductory text should point out to users that some Alleluias come with verses, as in plainchant, and that those texts can be found on the score pages. I've made an attempt at clarifying that - feel free to ammend the text. joachim 15:24, 17 November 2008 (UTC)